Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 83: Life vs. PCP vs. KFB

Hey all,

With my mother in law gone on peace boat and my son on summer break, I've acquired a whole bunch of garden chores and house chores which have horned in on my training time. I haven't had a complete workout all week. And, of course, the dizziness hasn't helped. The latter is fading though. Today was much better. I think I just hit a spot where I had a concussion last year and its giving me a little grief.

The heat has been a real enemy too. My park is a hot zone which takes away from my workout enjoyment. Last year was nowhere near this hot.

My strength is better than ever.

My agility is so-so. I still have a good share of misses with the ping pong ball. And, frankly, there are days I love it and hate it. Days when I find it fun and other days where I find myself wondering what's the point? Frankly, I'd rather be playing Street Fighter.

My flexibility has improved. My kicks are higher, but I'm still am quite vertical when I stretch. My butt and legs still fall asleep.

I think my conflictwith the KFB has been largely because of a lack of a desired goals. During the PCP, I was fighting for my life. On the KFB, I tried to ignite the same passion, but it just hasn't been there. Is this the fault of the program. No, just me. Without goals I truly want, I can keep up a daily thirty minute work out routine to maintain my great weight, but it's hard to devote over an hour every day under the schorching sun or in the house where a four year old demands your attention.

And to be honest, on the PCP, because I was fighting for my life, I forced the PCP into my life like the proverbial square peg into a round hole. There were days I got into arguemnts with my wife and my family and my son because I put the PCP above almost everything else--a choice I stand by because my health is so much better now. However, on the KFB, without life-threatening fat to lose, I could not justify being as aggressive.

Well, only a week left.
Com'on Tigers. let's finish this.

More tomorrow,

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  1. This is not just you dude. You can really only go for it with all your might just once. Everything after that is maintenance and tune up, and it's hard to get pumped for a tune up.