Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 84: As usual--after a bad day, a good day.

Hey all,

As often happened on the PCP, after I have a really bad day, I end up having a really good day. I got through my workout today without any trouble save the fact it still takes me an hour and a half. However, I didn't mind because I was up early, finished most of my chores, and their was cloud cover so I could enjoy my whole workout outside.

However, right now my hamstrings, the muscles responsible for my poor posture are tired as hell. I'm practically dropping into chairs when I sit down and I'm not in a big hurry to get up again. Still, I'm glad everything's done for the day workout wise.

I know the KFB encourages us to be flexible with our workout times and places, but lets face it, most people like to workout and get it over with so we can shower and get on with our day. This is especially true in the very hot summer where we like to keep sweat down to a minimum at the office, while spending time with family, etc.
As much as I would like to do my workout whenever and wherever I please, the fact I can't take multiple showers every day--especially at work--keeps the amount of exercise I do outside my alotted time at a minimum.

More tomorrow,

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