Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 90: So it Ends Tigers.

From this...

To this?

Well, hardly.

The Kung Fu Body has come and gone, and what an adventure it was. It is not one for the faint of heart or mind. The truth? It wasn't the PCP. It wasn't an event of massive transformation, but that, I'm told, is normal.

Now, at the end, I realize the KFB is different from the PCP in a very important way. The PCP's focal point is your body with some mind. The KFB focuses on your mind with a little body. Oh sure, there may be more exercises in the KFB than the PCP, but the nature of those additional exercises challenges the mind far more than the body--at least they did for me.

If your looking for body transformation, the PCP is the road to take. If your looking for spirit and mental transformation the KFB is for you.

The greatest weakness I discovered I have while on the KFB is patience. I have not as much as I like to think I have. Patrick talks about us living in a world where everything comes easy now--food especially. But, the truth is alot of things I want in my life for pleasure I can aquire very quickly, perhaps to quickly. As a result, my patience has waned.

The longer KFB regime and the flexibility exercises asked me to make time and wait. The former I'm good at. The latter I'm not. I would go through each flexibility exercise with my mind on the clock. I would try to ignore it, but I almost always felt I had better things to do. The punches and kicks might have gone the same way if I hadn't found them to be a fun activity to do together with my son. We will continue to punch and kick together for some time to come.

I wish I had something more profound to give future readers of this blog, but if you do join this program, know this: The KFB is an advanced program. It will help you get back in shape if you've been there before. But most importantly, if you let it, it will get your mind in shape as well.



  1. Congrats, Sean! You look awesome! Your great little kid has a dad to be proud of.

  2. As someone considering doing the KFB after the PCP, I'm enjoying reading through all these end thoughts from y'all. This was a helpful comparison and summary for me! Thanks, Sean!

    Congratulations on finishing. :)

  3. Great work man. I'm proud of you.

    The dirty little secret of bodywork is that the physical stuff is easy. It's challenging and changing the MIND that is the most arduous task a human can undertake.

    You might not have noticed but in the past two years you've chilled out and become a more solid base for your family and your life. You MANNED UP in the best sense of the word.

    Nice work. I'm proud of you! KFB COMPLETE!